1.1 AGREEMENT: These Terms of Service forms the Agreement between StartInno, a division of Humidifree Pty Ltd ABN 45 113 804 514 ("StartInno") and the licensee (“You”) at the property known as StartInno Hub, Level 1, 4/8 Banksia Drive, Byron Bay, NSW.

1.2 GOVERNING LAW:  These Terms shall be governed, construed and interpreted by, through and under the Laws of the State of New South Wales and Australia.

1.3 ETHICS: StartInno is committed to social and environmental responsibility that brings about positive change. This means we are focused on more than just delivering an outstanding product we are committed to transparency as well as. As such, we reserve the Right of Refusal (1.4 below) for businesses and individuals who so not meet these ethics and standards. Click here to find out more about our Sustainability commitment. 

1.4 RIGHT OF REFUSAL: StartInno retains the right of refusal to all Program applications, coworking access to the StartInno Coworking Hub together with participation in all workshops and events. This applies to the the sole judgement of StartInno in accordance with what is deemed as appropriate and aligned with these General Terms and includes StartInno's partners, business associates, coworkers, investors, clients and suppliers.

2. Coworking

2.1 AGREEMENT: Each coworking 'subtenant' that participates in the coworking office at the StartInno Coworking Hub 'Premises' hereby accepts this agreement set out in this terms of service. The Premises will consist of other subtenants and their business activities as agreed with the sublessor. All parties hereby agree that reasonable use is for the sole purposes of conducting business-only related activities and according to the StartInno Hub Guide documentation and code of conduct (see below). 

2.2 REFUNDS & MEMBERSHIP:  Rent will be according to the StartInno Coworking Hub page displaying pricing for coworking. Payment is in advance and must be made online through our payment and membership system hub.startinno.com. Using the hub.startinno.com membership system means that user are not charged administration, sign-up or cancellation fees. It is therefore the coworkers' responsibility to manage their subscription as, unless under exceptional circumstances, refunds will not be given, .

2.3 DURATION: All coworkers or program participants, as "Subtenants" agree that this advance payment acts as deposit to cover damages beyond normal wear and tear, unpaid rent, and unpaid utilities. StartInno as "Sublessor" reserves the right that, if the premises and contents thereof are returned to him/her are not in the same or fit condition as when received by the subtenant (reasonable wear and tear thereof excepted) that the subtenant many be liable for replacement damages.  

2.4 UTILITIES:  All charges for utilities connected with premises which are to be paid by the sublessor under these Terms of Service and lease shall be paid by the subtenant for the term of the Sublease Agreement. Utilities include access to toilets, desk, chair, broadband internet wifi, printer and general office furnishings. Other services may be required or mandated according the business activities of StartInno, in a separate agreement with the subtenant

2.5 PROPERTY CONDITION:  Subtenant agrees to surrender and deliver to the sublessor the premises and all furniture and decorations within the premises in as good a condition as they were at the beginning of the term, reasonable wear and tear excepted. The subtenant will be liable to the sublessor for any damages occurring to the premises or the contents thereof or to the building which are done by the subtenant or his or her guests.

2.6 ORIGINAL LEASE:  The sublease agreement incorporates and is subject to the original lease agreement between the sublessor and his lessor, and which is hereby referred to and incorporated as if it were set out here at length. The subtenant agrees to assume all of the obligations and responsibilities of the sublessor under the original lease for the duration of the (this) Sublease Agreement.

2.7 INTERNET USAGE POLICY:  Peak usage hours are 9am-4pm Monday to Friday. During peak hours we encourage users to limit excessive downloads unless absolutely necessary for business use. Illegal downloads, posting of abusive and inappropriate material will not be tolerated and will be deemed as a breach of these Terms. Data download/upload limits are 10Gb per person per month (combined). Uploads are restrictive and additional provisions can be made upon request which may incur additional fees. For the avoidance of doubt, if you exceed the data limit expressed in the Internet Usage Policy, then additional fees may be charged to you. StartInno does not make any representations as to the security of the StartInno or 100 Mile Table networks or the internet or of any information that users places on it. We encourage all users to use encryption technology (such as https://) where possible as recommended by https://www.eff.org/code.

2.8 CODE OF CONDUCT: The Code of Conduct consists of: be courteous; be kind; don't leave your garbage around; don't abuse our resources, people, partners, business associates and coworkers. The coworking sublease may be terminated without notice and with immediate affect, if it is deemed by the sublessor that the these General Terms, including those detailed in the StartInno Hub Guide and/or the Code of Conduct has been broken by the subtenant. 

2.9 NON-SOLICITATION:  At any time during your coworking term, and for a period of 6 months after your coworking term ends, you must not approach any person, who is a coworker, employee, intern or contractor to StartInno, for the purpose of persuading that person to terminate his or her coworking term, employment or contract, or otherwise in any way solicit, employ or contract such persons.


3.1 INDEMNITY:  Where applicable, StartInno aims to provide services based on our experience and related research. What we provide is a consultancy, advisory role most often deployed through our Programs based on Lean Methodologies. Whilst the field is developing its own management science surrounding the cheap availability of technologies, as with any new, fledging or small business, it carries risks. We openly state 9 out of 10 of startups for instance typically fail. Our approach is to help companies minimise their own risk, however we accept (as has been our own experience) that there are many circumstances that are inherent such as environmental factors, competition, absence of liquidity, ownership of IP, conflicts of interest, past and future performance of products and personnel. As part of the terms of services and doing business with StartInno, all clients (Program, Coaching and Consulting, etc) agrees not to indemnify StartInno directors and business associates against liability when acting for the group. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes any assurances surrounding success or failure, with the emphasis that each startup or small business does by virtue undertake a high degree of risk.  

3.2 REPUTATION:  All StartInno Programs are performance based and leverage web-based project management systems to track progress as well as collaboration metrics of participants. In this respect we regard all Programs as 'centres of excellence' and so much adhere to these General Terms, including Eithics for the duration agreed by the Program Licence Agreement. By using developed methods and metrics to benchmark participants as our IP, we are able to confidently provide successful Program 'graduates' the StartInno seal-of-approval. Therefore, ultimately we are basing our business upon a high degree of repute which may ultimately culminate in a successful "investment event". This also allows successful 'graduates' to promote and advertise themselves through professional social platforms such as 

3.3 DISCLAIMER:  Likewise neither does an "investment event" guarantee success, in fact an investor may, and frequently does lose all of its investment. StartInno's initial "investment" provides heavily discounted and subsidised coworking, consulting services, access to collaboration and IP/knowledge-sharing platforms in order to alleviate costs that may be inhibitive for a startup or fledgling business grow. The StartInno business model hence relies on itself absorbing some initial risk which later may be redeemed alongside a successful "investment event". For the avoidance of doubt, StartInno is not licensed to provide legal, tax or financial advice under Australian Law. Any advice provided, including on this website is general advice only. 

4. DEMO DAY & Investment

4.1 DEMO DAY:  Following completion of the Accelerator Program (which may in some cases, but not necessarily be preceded by the Incubator Program) StartInno may offer the opportunity to pitch to locally based entrepreneurs, and in some cases sophisticated investors, who hope to support exciting startup companies. Based on performance and selection criteria (the StartInno seal-of-approval) during these Programs, startup companies will be invited to pitch and embark on a rigorous pitching process. For the avoidance of doubt, StartInno reserves the right an any point to notify the startup that they may be up to the required standard to pitch. This process will typically culminate at a specified pitch or 'Demo Day' whereby each startup company will present in public which will included a panel of entrepreneurs and possible investors (whom may also represent a wider group or syndicate of other investors) selected by StartInno. By facilitating this process StartInno accepts no guarantee nor warranties surrounding potential general advice or investment. 

4.2 INVESTMENT:  As with all our programs, coaching and consulting, we emphasise that each startup or small business does by virtue undertake a high degree of risk and there are no guarantees. Our business model currently, unlike some accelerator/incubators, StartInno takes an equity "option" before the startup company or small business begins either the Incubator or Accelerator Program. Under a Program License Agreement, this "option" may be exercised during the agreement term and maximised assistance in capital raising where appropriate, for instance by introducing and establishing relationships through the local entrepreneur and investment community [2]. This process negates excessive legal overheads such as ongoing costs with ‘zombie’ or ‘shelved’ startups as well as reducing additional legal fees associated with with restructuring shareholders agreements. We act as a quality ‘seal-of-approval’ for investors and, if the startup company is successful at attracting advise or investment. The investment group may also require as part of terms that StartInno continues to operate as mentors or as advisors at the board level and undertake StartInno services e.g. coworking, coaching, etc. In short this model helps ensure we act in the startup companies' best interests at all times. Our intent is also to build a community of local investors so we may syndicate our resources into a pool that supports strong growth in the community. We all business associates and partners we advocate non-solicit clauses in our Really Simple-NDA document which advocates a circle of trust.

4.3 PROGRAM LICENSE AGREEMENT: Full details for Program participants will be formalised in a Program License Agreement between parties with additional templates for Shareholders Agreements and Subscription Agreements are available from StartInno on request.

[2] This will be between a 3-9% pre-valuation equity stake in the startup company if capital raising "investment event" has been facilitated. 5% is the typical equity stake but may be negotiated depending on the status of the startup (brand new without a formal shareholders agreement in place, or trading for an number of years). For instance or often startup wish to continue with StartInno in either an ongoing advisory capacity (coaching, consulting, board member) and/or coworking facilities at a continued reduced rate (for up to a period of 12 months after program completion).  

5. Employment

5.1 EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES:  StartInno is an equal opportunities employer and encourages all people of all backgrounds and origins to apply. We strongly advocate diversity.

5.2 INTERNSHIPS:  StartInno offers internships with the purpose of improving participants skills as both entrepreneur and jobseeker. Our internships are currently unpaid so it is important to us that the primary benefit is for the intern. As such, in accordance with Fair Work Australia, and to ensure that we do not fall foul of the law, we have an "Internship Deed of Commitment":

- The internship focuses on how we can help you intern through program: any reciprocation is based on participation of these program. Interns must meet minimum attendance requirements (as noted in our License Agreement) and participation of our online program systems (detailed in Week 1 Orientation);

- The duration of an internship is short term: we run a 14 week program. Specifically we sync and mirror with our Incubator Program;

- We cover of all coworking and program costs as well as any expenses incurred, and whilst not obligatory, we also cover costs of all drinks downstairs at 100 Mile Table cafe whilst open as well as free entry to events including Community Lunches. We will also cover lunches Mon-Fri for all interns who attend more than 15 hours per week; and

- We encourage having fun, learning and using the internship as an opportunity to the next level of growth. 

As an aside, many of our interns have been successful gained paid work through being a member of our community which we strongly encourage. 

5.3 COMMUNITY SERVICE: Every StartInno employee (whether full, part-time or intern) member is a representative of StartInno to the community and constituency. StartInno believes it is important that it be exemplified as being thoroughly committed to nurturing a vibrant startup community and innovation excellence. We actively participate and advocate spending at minimum 5-10% allocated time for Community Service projects annually. Service to the community in all areas is strongly encouraged of all StartInno employees, associates, interns as well as coworking members.