We LIke to Just Start. We have lots of experience and for nearly two decades, We have strived to drive game changing ideas into the world by working with passionate and driven people. We have created a performance culture that is inclusive of diversity and an ecosystem focused on the forefront of innovation.


Helping people #JustStart is Our Mission

StartInno's mission is to help creative people to #juststart innovating. As a Hub for the Creative Industries in Byron Bay, StartInno aims to Incubate and Accelerate ideas and businesses that change the world for good. Startups that only want to make a "fast buck" rarely succeed as they are not driven by passion. Entrepreneurs that go the distance -- the one's who are relentless and resourceful -- are the one's that want to change or revolutionise by solving real problems. We especially like enterprises that additionally focus on bringing about positive change: be it embracing social impact and responsibility, or developing sustainability, ethical products, clean technology, gender equality or eco development. Click here to find out more about our Sustainability policies and commitment. 

We use lean startup methodologies and high performance business coaching and mentoring to enable ideas for the real world. At our most basic, we offer a creative and collaborative coworking space that aims to nurture innovation. As a startup incubator and accelerator we extend this creative environment of idea sharing with dedicated support so our people can focus on what's important to reach success. Realising ideas in the real world with positive social impact is what makes us tick, and we do this by demystifying the startup process by providing leading-edge systems, services and people.

  • We don't like Think Tanks, we only "Do" Tanks.

  • We don't do unreachable Business Strategies, instead we Business Model and hit actionable goals.

  • We continuously confront the truth by testing-measuring assumptions. We love Traction.


As Byron Bay's startup coworking and innovation studio we have a thriving community of idea sharing and collaboration. Whether casual coworker, digital nomad or full time entrepreneur, we can help.


Whether you are a pre-revenue new idea, a growing small business or a larger enterprise, we provide lean startup DNA to help you #juststart, our exciting Programs can tailored just for you. 

How we help you Just Start

  • Networking activities that are regional, national and international

  • Operational support including financial services, bookkeeping and strategy

  • Technical services such as web development, IT and mobile platforms

  • Board advisory, mentoring and management support

  • Legal support, IP management, trademarks and patents

  • Business model generation using lean startup methodologies

  • Startup discovery, incubation and acceleration (DIA model)

  • Business development, sales and marketing (specialising in digital media and social networks)

  • Business co-sharing workspace with high-speed internet, printing and office facilities

  • Access to seed capital and angel investors


Our core team are experts and leaders in their fields. As well as tier-one industry with many of today's leading blue-chip corporates, the leadership team consists of successful entrepreneurs in their own right. As well as commercial vision, education is a core part of what we do and the team have all undertaken significant research programs at the PhD level.


Strategic partners are incredibly important for any enterprise but especially so for small startup businesses. Through our partnerships we have been able to extend our network not only in Australia but increasingly so across Asia. We consider our startups and clients as partners since we develop deep affiliations and alliances throughout each Program. 



Very simply Byron Bay is paradise. A sophisticated and cosmopolitan community, without the 'noise' of the city. As the most easterly point of Australia it has long been a meeting place (Cavanbah, the town's Aboriginal name, means meeting place) and so a long tradition of bringing peoples together. Because this heritage the region nurtures and attracts a uniquely diverse community of creatives, entrepreneurs and sea-changers. Testament to the region's appeal outside of tourism, Byron Bay has the highest density of Creative Industries outside of all the state capitals which is remarkable for a regional town. For such as small town this strong local identity is very open as well as being grounded in sustainability, ecology and wellbeing. From the beautiful rain forests and waterfalls, to the many gorgeous surf beaches, the lifestyle on Byron Bay can also provide what's most important for new startups and fledging entrepreneurs, and that's focus. We are now "rethinking Byron" as the place to simply get things done. Whilst we are without the many distractions of city-living we have the benefit of two airports (Ballina and Gold Coast) being just over 30mins away with Sydney and Brisbane accessible in under 2hours. As such we are very dedicated to supporting a sustainable ecosystem of innovation in our region and adding to the growing number of great ideas that thrive from here and helping them #juststart.

If you've never been to Byron Bay check out this YouTube video then come and visit us.

StartInno runs and supports a free, open and inclusive community meetups groups across our region. For more information check out our Events Page.

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The richest place in the world is the graveyard, if you don't take action now that's where your ideas will end up. Mostly we only ever regret not doing things. Get involved and get in touch.