The INCUBATOR Program is specifically focused on new products or enterprises #JUSTSTART

Our mission is to help ideas #juststart. The Incubator program is a pre-accelerator to help new businesses find their first customers and revenue. This program is designed for pre-revenue businesses or ideas focus on commercialisation. The Incubator Academy Program does this by using Lean Startup methodologies to bootstrap and find your first customers, testing ideas and assumptions. Our goal is for you to create a product (also called a Minimal Viable Product), connect with customers and, most important of all, drive revenue. 

Weeks 1-5

  • Lean Canvas & Platform Systems

  • Prototyping

  • Your first customers

  • Introduction to metrics

  • Growing your business

Weeks 6-8

  • Learning how to pivot

  • Discovering value

  • Experiment & test ideas

  • Measure & review

  • De-risk your model

Weeks 8-14

  • Ask hard questions

  • Advanced metrics

  • Activation to Retention

  • Retention to Referral

  • Revenue

program benefits



excludes GST

Selection criteria 

  • Create a Lean Canvas for your pre-revenue idea (Download guidelines from here)

  • Make a 2-max YouTube video about the vision for your product or business

  • Convince us your are resourceful, relentless and resilient.

**The goal of the Program and "Graduation Criteria" is being able to demonstrate traction in all three areas, also unlike other other Incubators/Accelerators, this is where we discuss the small “equity” stakes (5-9%) if we successfully assist in capital raising. Terms available.


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Note: This is a test of resourcefulness, not of your ability to make videos. Want to keep it confidential? Find out how