Success in the business world can be measured in skill, talent, effort, time, dedication, power, money, passion, and much more. What success doesn’t rely on is gender. The future of entrepreneurship and enterprise belongs to women as equally as it does to men- but that’s not to say success is achieved any easier by one gender or the other. In this article, you’ll learn three useful tips on how to succeed in the business world as a female entrepreneur.

1. Own Your Own Mistakes!

Backed by unpopular belief, it’s actually completely okay to admit when you’ve messed something up, or if you need help. Making mistakes is a part of the professional process. If you never miscalculated or skipped over a step, you wouldn’t be learning anything. Additionally, the people you work with, for, or around will most likely respect you more if you own up to a human error, rather than act like you didn’t really do it.

2. Know When to Say No!

Your calendar's already jam-packed? Don’t make anymore promises or engagements. It’s better to decline an offer than to only be half-attentive to your five other meetings on the same day. To stay on top of the fast-paced, technologically-quick realm of business life, you have to know when to take a step back, organize your priorities, and say confidently, “Sorry, I can’t.”

3. Keep in Touch!

Always stay updated on your latest deals, clients, transactions, and potential offers, and employees. Moving forward with your entrepreneurial task list will be a lot more expedient and effective with more than just you steering the ship. Network with other business owners and inventors. Even if you aren’t in a business deal with a particular contact, keep in touch with them anyway. You never know when you’ll need them, or they’ll need you.