When we #juststarted StartInno back in 2014 we had a vision of being embedded in the community. Well you know when you've "made it" when you get a nick-name that sticks and we've recently found out that the Hub is affectionally know as "Inno". As resident Chris Magick says "People now say, 'ok, I'll meet you at Inno' or 'going to Inno, sure, let's catch-up there' it's awesome". 

We also wanted to kick-off something special that people connect with. When creating eco-systems, it's not about assuming that talent or creativity doesn't exist - that's pretty obvious in Byron Bay - it's about stimulating supply and demand within our community. That's really what sustainability is all about [rant over]. Over recent weeks we've been investing back into the community and installing some new creative features at "Inno". As such, the Hub is looking sensational and the community is growing. 

New Art Installation

Creative genius @fultonhobbs is a Byron Bay artist (amongst other talents) and when we first saw his work, we all agreed we had to find a way to get his artwork out there... then we though BIG. Generally Fulton makes prints to order, generally framed hanging wall art, but then we spoke with our friends at Shogun Signs. They were up for the challenge and made the impossible possible and with additional direction from our own Mr Magick, it looks great! The Inno Hub community loves it. 

For more of Fulton's work check out his Instagram Feed. He'll be coming into the Hub for an official signing in a few weeks, so watch this space. Thanks to all the team for the great work.

Less dramatic, but equally fabulous we're still adding incremental artwork in various forms.