A potential global game-changer.

This new project by Google that works to help homeowners effectively choose solar power is definitely something that will impact our communities. Just imagine it, your energy bills go down, and your give-back to the earth goes up. The project reaches out to people who may not know how solar panels work, or how to install them; The first iteration of Google's Project Sunroof is providing some California and Boston residents the opportunity to make a smart choice for the future of their finances and conservation. In the not-to-distant future, it could be coming to you... Let’s take a brief look at the top four things you’re going to need to know about Project Sunroof by Google.

1. It’s Simple and Easy

Well, ok currently for California and Boston, but quite frankly, anyone can understand how the system works. Just type in your address, and hit “go”!

2. Innovative Technology

Google goes as far as to test for shadows that may derail a 100% cost-effective sunroof installation. A check for local weather patterns is made so that the position of cloud’s shadows can help determine how useful your purchase will be.

3. Money Saver

Shred your energy bills by investing in Google Sunroof. It calculates the price of electricity and compares it to the alternative of solar power. With an installation for full coverage of household appliances, it’s guaranteed to save you thousands of dollars every year.

4. Information on Solar

One of the greatest parts of Google’s perspective on solar panels, as several companies have begun their own versions of Sunroof, is that there is clear and helpful information available to anyone. Google wants people to know what solar is and how it can benefit them.

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