We proudly present Choppy - Founder of Waveblade Sports Roller. Graduate from our very first Accelerator batch. A young local professional, international background with drive and ambition. 

So tell us your story, what made you decide to join the program?
Starting a business is different than working at a startup. We wanted to take our idea to the next level and traditional business that we were getting wasn’t helping us. We needed people with startup experience, networks and contacts and a CEO to help us make decisions. The accelerator program mentorship provided all of this. 

The way we do business has changed. Startup methodology is an evolution in the art of entrepreneurship. The most valuable part of the program in our journey was the fact that we got up to date information and knowledge on where to focus our scarce resources. It saved us lots of mistakes, hence saved us lots of money.

And you’re not in it alone. You’re with the right people, you learn from others, you get the support you need. The program got us in contact with investors and great influencers in the scene. StartInno mentors are great, strong leaders and very accessible. And our relationship didn’t stop after the graduation.

What is the Waveblade Sports Roller?
Born out of frustration of the quality and results of the current tools in the market, and with the desire to make athletes perform better, Choppy Somjee and Matt Waterton founded The Waveblade Sports Roller. This tool is engineered to match the demands of an athletes heavy training and competition workload. The innovative technology also makes the blade ideal for rehabilitation from muscle injuries.

Start bringing your idea alive. Choppy strongly encourages anyone with a new or existing business to get in touch! 

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