Hustling is the name of the game

The entrepreneurial game that is. Always exciting and endlessly entertaining. Hustlers are marketers at heart, always seeking new networks, on the outlook for new deals, thinking of ways to get the cashflow going or growing. Always asking the questions: how can I turn this into a gain? Hustlers are ambitious and the word failure doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. Everything is an opportunity.

A very common way in Byron Bay to work, from what we’ve seen, is that a majority of people generate their income by taking on a diversity of jobs and projects. And it makes perfect sense. We are moving from a corporation to a collaboration, sharing, and networking economy. Technology makes it easier now than ever before to work mobile and independent - the possibilities are endless.

It has been said that it takes a hustler to change the world. 

But as an incubator, we advocate challenging each other as much as we promote cooperation. Some of the greatest ideas come from different perspectives. Innovation is nurtured by connections between people and technology, collaborations, and community building. Our goal is to bring people together with different ideas, contradictory views, and diverse backgrounds. We tend to move towards others who agree with us, but remember that history always writes about people who were brave enough to hold a different perspective. We strive for both community building and significance at the same time.

All fundamentals in life are a paradox. We are a paradoxical species. 

So are you a digital nomad, a cubical escapee, and ready for some networking, Byron Bay style? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and not afraid to stand out in the crowd? Then we’d love to hear from you. Drop by to say hello or drop us a line and we promise to get back.