“ Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” -- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Ultimate Success Formula

Think and Grow. In this book Napoleon Hill describes the money-making secret who made a fortune for over 500 exceedingly wealthy man, whom he analysed and studied for nearly a quarter of a century. Bottom line: “desire combined with faith is the turning point of all achievement.” Hmm, interesting to say the very least…

Here’s another man who looked at this principle and took it a step further. Anthony Robbins, leadership coach, author and motivational speaker, who reached millions of people with his work, amongst whom Richard Branson and Bill Clinton. Don’t be fooled by his ‘self-help and informercials’ imagine, this man studied the behaviour of extremely successful business people for decades to find out what makes them successful. Yes, he studied the science of success. 

Throughout his work he always emphasises that in order to be a successful leader, in business and in life, it basically comes down to this: have faith, stay focused and follow through.

Having a brilliant idea is the easy part. But the power of focus and the ability to follow through on your plan, is what makes you successful on a long term. The good news is, you get help making a plan. From people with massive experience and knowledge, who have been in the game for a long time Internal Link

This is not rocket science. It’s plain science. Success is a choice. You have a vision, great! Next step is to set up a plan, keep your focus and follow through. #juststart

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